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Women in this modern society are filled with despair at struggling with their own physiological issues besides economic burden and family pressure. Women face a variety of physiological changes from puberty into adulthood, middle age and old age. This results in hormonal imbalance in the body which affects the menstruation, fertility, and causes dry and dull skin, frigidity, sagging breast, premature aging and so on.

Hence, V-IIis the best life companion for women!

Keep your ovaries healthy to become an attractive woman!

V-II Supplement for modern women

V-II overcomes physiological disorders in women

It is required by female aged 12 to 80 years old

Puberty 12-20 years old

  • Menstrual pain
  • Irregular menstrual periods
  • Abnormally heavy or light menstrual bleeding
  • Pale face

Adulthood 21-35 years old

  • Inflammation in the vagina
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Miscarriage
  • Anemia
  • Dizziness and headache
  • Qi and blood deficiency
  • Excessive leukorrhea
  • Anxiety

Middle age 36-50 years old

  • Uterine cancer and breast cancer
  • With freckles and dark complexion
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Sagging breast
  • With wrinkles and dry skin
  • All kinds of female diseases
  • Vaginal relaxation syndrome

Old age >50 years old

  • Menopausal syndrome
  • Insomnia
  • Aging and fatigue
  • Heart disease
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Osteoporosis

Potent Effects

Invigorate blood, regulate menstrual cycle, and improve skin tone

Reduce menstrual pain, leukorrhea, and more resistant to cold

Improve frigidity

Remove vaginal odor

Prevent cervical cancer

Increase chest strength

Improve sleep and lighten freckles

Delay menopause

Improve endocrine function

Improve vaginal prolapse after childbirth

Main Ingredients


Kacip Fatimah

  • Maintain youthfulness, delay aging, contribute to radiant and supple skin
  • Enhance feminine allure
  • Improve intimacy between married couples
  • Increase your chance of getting pregnant
  • Strengthen bone and improve memory
  • Improve irregular menstrual periods
  • Reduce menstrual pain and leukorrhea

Lobata Mirifica

  • Promote cell regeneration
  • Improve physical fitness
  • Increase chest strength by building muscle mass
  • Eliminate toxins in the body
  • Increase sexual desire
  • Ease endocrine disorders in women
  • Restore youthfulness

Papaya Extract

  • Boost metabolism
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Improve diabetes and anti-cancer
  • Eliminate fatigue and promote bowel movement
  • Repair tissue and enhance breast

Oak gall extract Manjakani

  • Strengthen and tighten vaginal muscle wall
  • Restore vaginal compaction
  • Reduce bad odor of the vaginal discharge
  • Improve frigidity
  • Enhance feminine allure

Leonuri / Motherwort

  • Invigorate blood, regulate menstrual cycle, improve abdominal pain and leukorrhea
  • Improve nephritic syndrome and edema, protect eyesight, induce smooth flow of qi as well as blood clotting
  • Prevent difficulty childbirth, vaginal bleeding and menstrual disorders
  • Enhance lower body contraction, anti-inflammatory and diuretic
  • Stop bleeding, menstrual pain and infertility
  • Prevent hematuria, uremia and menstrual bloating
  • Prevent vaginal cancer, breast cancer and dizziness

Red Grape Extract Red Grape

  • Eliminate free radicals
  • Anti-tumor activity
  • Prevent platelet aggregation

V-II is essential for these 9 types of women

1Women with loose vagina due to frequent sexual intercourse. Vaginal contraction depends on the contraction of the pubococcygeus muscle (known as PC muscle in medical term) and vaginal wall produces fluid when it is stimulated. A young and healthy woman who has great PC muscle function with high elasticity, her PC muscle is capable of driving the rhythmic contraction of her vagina when carrying out sexual intercourse, and thereby both partners can experience greater sexual pleasure. Excessive expansion and contraction of the PC muscle fibers lead to smooth vagina with no folds, vagina becomes dry and loose, causing a decrease in sensitivity and vaginal wall produces less fluid. Furthermore, sexual desire, sexual pleasure, and sexual intercourse quality decline. In fact, loose vagina can become a “cooling agent” and “third person” which ruins a marriage.

2Women who have to replenish injured genital and vagina after giving birth. It helps to eliminate residual cell and toxin in the genital rapidly. At the same time, elasticity and sensitivity of the vagina also can be restored.

3Women who sit in the office, lack of outdoor activity and wear tight pants for long periods of time. Poor blood circulation leads to lower muscle metabolism of the reproductive organs, no activation of the nerve terminals and a decrease in sensitivity.

4Woman with dry genital and reproductive organ that is vulnerable to damage.

5All types of diseases in women for example vaginitis, cervical erosion and inflammation, endometritis, vaginal prolapse, pelvic inflammation, adnexitis, leucorrhoea of bad odor, sexually transmitted infection caused by fungus, uterine fibroids and etc.

6Woman who feels frigid and unhappy in her sex life. Woman who wants to improve her vagina looseness, increase sexual responsiveness almost to her pubertal level, improve contraction of the vaginal muscle and desire a more loving relationship with her husband.

7Middle- and old-aged women who have reached menopause. It is because their vaginas often become dry and is enclosed after the menopause. Therefore, old cells cannot be excreted from the body through monthly menstrual bleeding.

8Woman who has problems of vaginal fart, vaginal dryness, and as if there is an expulsion of air from the vagina during sexual intercourse. Her vagina becomes dry, colour of vagina changes, and she cannot enjoy any sex activity.

9Woman with dull complexion, plaque or acne on the face. According to some theories of traditional Chinese medicine, “the tiredness in female is often linked to blood, and females depend on good flow of qi and blood for survival” and “both thoroughfare vessel and conception vessel originate from the cells, and they are eventually reflected on the face”. The flush of abundant energy and blood in the thoroughfare vessel and conception vessel are essential for proper female physiological functions. The dysfunctions of liver, spleen, kidney, and stomach affect the flush of qi and blood in the thoroughfare vessel and conception vessel, causing dull face complexion and irregular menstrual periods. The functioning of qi and blood not only affect one’s complexion, it also serves as an important indicator of human health.

Frequently asked questions about V-II

1V-IIplant essence is a natural food?

V-IIplant essence is a pure natural drink. It comprehensively improves female hormones, enables muscle to stimulate the endocrine system, restore youthfulness, and vaginal contraction for improving sexual intercourse quality.

2Is it safe to drinkV-IIplant essence?

V-IIplant essence is originated from German. It is a unique formulation that adopts high tech Sino-Germany Collaboration Biotechnology, tested and verified by SGS – a world renowned certification body, to be non-toxic and safe for drinking. Many inspection bodies under the Ministry of Health (MoH) Malaysia have confirmed that it does not contain heavy metal, medicine and prohibited drug.

3Which group of female should not drink V-IIplant essence?

V-IIplant essence is highly safe. However, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid drinking it for safety sake.

4How long it takes to get the results after drinking V-II plant essence?

Generally, get amazing effects within 2 weeks (women aged above 28 years old are encouraged to drink a sachet in the morning and night). It is notable that the secretion increases and vagina contracts, which further improve the intimacy between married couples and they can achieve orgasm much easier.

5Can drink V-IIplant extracts over long-term?

Yes. Because it is a pure natural drink. As your body is aging, drink over a long term can activate your cells and improve your sexual intercourse quality. It helps keep your skin looking beautiful and younger.

6Some reactions such as irregular menstrual periods, itchiness on skin, face, breast and lower body happen in some people who drink V-II plant essence. Can they continue to drink?

Yes, because V-II plant essence is a supplement which comprehensively improves physiological function in women. During the process, body encounters various dizziness responses, which are actually healing reactions over a short-term. These reactions normally disappear within a week. Therefore, it is safe to drink.

7Can drink V-II plant essence with other beverages?

Yes. Because V-II plant essence is a health food and not a medicine.

8Drinking V-IIplant essence can be addictive?


9Drinking tips for V-IIplant essence?

One to two small sachets every day. Drink on an empty stomach for better effect. Women aged above 28 years old are recommended to drink a sachet in the morning and night.

10Why you can get faster results with V-IIplant essence?

It is because V2 plant essence utilizes sophisticated technology. It can be dissolved and absorbed within the mouth, cannot be destroyed by gastric juice, and can be rapidly absorbed by the human body.

Healing Reaction

Healing reaction involving all types of secretory products after using V-II

Different healing reactions happen with drinking of V-II, depending on different body conditions of different individuals. V-II is capable of discovering potential cause of your disease. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have described that “If there is pain, there is no free flow. If there is free flow, there is no pain”. Therefore, don’t be panic if the above-mentioned reactions happen.

1. White and thick membrane of vagina

The endometrial shredding does not completely eliminate the accumulated dead cells in the external genitalia and thickened endometrium.

2. Tofu-like discharge

The accumulation of broken capillaries that are not eliminated during the menstrual periods leads to inflammation, trichomonas vaginitis, and mycotic vulvovaginitis.

3. Purulent sputum sample or brown blood contaminant

Cervical erosion, chronic pelvic inflammation, endometriosis, endometritis, has undergone laser surgery or cryosurgery.

4. Black discharge with white coating

Blood stasis and endometrial cysts.

5. White or yellow tofu-like discharge with white coating

Inflammation such as adnexitis and vaginitis.

6. Brown dartoid tissue

Residual tissue after giving birth or miscarriage

7. White elongated dartoid tissue

Energy disturbance in thoroughfare vessel and conception vessel, qi stagnation and blood stasis, stasis may accumulate into a mass, maybe polyp or tumor.

8. Green dartoid tissue

Poor liver and gallbladder functions, causing inflammatory necrosis

9. Long hair-like tissue

Residual tissue after miscarriage

10. Fish maw-like thick membrane

After medical abortion.

11. Purple dartoid tissue

Residual myoma after surgery.

12. Parasite

Parasite in blood and external genitalia.

13. Bloody Leukorrhea

Cervical erosion.













True Stories

Golden Keys for Women


Young and Confident

Previously, I had dull complexion and a face full of pimples. Menstrual disorder caused edema, as a result, I develop swelling from face to feet. Everybody thought that I was a mother over age 30 years old and already with a few kids! I was in deep sorrow and unconfident until I encountered with it. It gives me a new life by bringing back my beauty. I am capable of regaining my youth and health. I have no more hormonal imbalance, and my edema is not seen then. My face complexion has improved and I look much younger. My new friends think that I am only 25-26 years old and surprisingly, my breasts become firmer too. Thanks.


Breasts become firm

Actually I already felt its effects at the fourth day of drinking it. My breasts began to become firmer and fuller, leukorrhea didn’t smell bad, and vagina became tighter. At the seventh day, the leukorrhea has significantly decreased and my breasts were firmer. It becomes a habit for me to drink at least a sachet each day and I feel uneasy if not drinking. In just a month, my breasts became very firm and lifted. Recently, I have the courage to wear low cut clothes. Leukorrhea is no longer a problem for me because the bad odor has been removed and I won’t feel embarrassed anymore!


Improved intimacy between married couples

I was struggled with severe frigidity which had negatively affected my married life. Medical specialist told me that it was due to postpartum hormonal imbalance. However, my condition could not be improved even after taking the prescribed medication. After drinking V-II for 2 weeks, I had a feeling of tightness in my breasts. After three weeks, my breasts were firm and elastic, vagina were tighter, and vaginal discharge has increased. Leukorrhea and bad odor were gone too. My husband loves me more because of all these! V-II helps me to regain the intimacy in our relationship, similar to that of 15 years ago! Dear sisters, you all should try this product!


Menstrual pain-free

She was plagued by severe leukorrhea and menstrual pain for many years. She even had to bring along sanitary pads with her all the time. After drinking a box, she said happily that her leukorrhea has improved and she no longer required sanitary pads. “After drinking 2 boxes, I realized that I didn’t have menstrual pain, dark red or black blood was not detected during periods, and my skin also became smooth.” The effect that she was most satisfied at – “Since drinking this product, my husband and I have a happy sex life and the intimacy in our relationship has improved!”


Rosy complexion

She encountered the problem of hormonal imbalance after she was given the contraceptive injection. She was troubled by the body heat and popping up of pimples during the menstrual periods. In addition, she was embarrassed by the excessive leukorrhea and bad odor of her lower body during the menstrual periods. The above-mentioned problems are overcome, her complexion has improved as well as having a more satisfying sex life after drinking this product.


Lighten black spots

I had irregular menstrual periods, often having a period twice a month, and there were many black spots on my face. “After drinking this product, I began to have normal menstrual periods and black spots were lightened. My husband also praised me for looking younger. We are happier and more satisfying in our relationship. Thanks for helping me to regain my youth.”


Skin becomes smooth

I was struggled with severe leukorrhea and bad odor that caused frequent itching of my lower body for many years. Foul odor had forced me not to leave my house and I felt more comfortable to change my sanitary pads at least 2 times every day. At the same time, I had the problems of menstrual pain and anemia. I often had cold sweat, vomiting, back pain and muscle weakness in arms and legs during the menstrual periods. My condition could not be improved even after taking many medicines prescribed by medical specialists. After drinking V-II for 2 weeks, my problem of leukorrhea has improved and I didn’t need to use sanitary pad anymore. My skin became smooth and no itching of the lower body too! After I continued to drink 2 boxes, the unpleasant foul odor completely disappeared. Unknowingly, my menstrual pain was gone and I was no longer dizzy. Thank V-II!

“Tightness” reappears

Unmarried cohabitation has become more common in this modern society. I also experienced unmarried cohabitation before. Previously, I had 3 boyfriends and I had cohabited with each and every one of them. My vagina had loosened to more than 3 thumbs width, my sexual desire had dropped to 0 due to 2 times of medical abortions. I was afraid that my husband would complain that my vagina has loosened and he cannot enjoy the sex activity, therefore I persisted on not having sexual intercourse with him until our wedding day. Coincidentally, I drank V-II. I completed 3 boxes of V-II rapidly within 2 months, just before our wedding day. My breast became firmer, at the wedding night, my husband was overjoyed and said: “Why your vaginal opening is so small……” My worries were resolved and I was very pleased: “V-II works wonderfully in tightening the vagina, and even my “tightness” can reappear.”

Happy sex life

I started to realize the joy of having sex after drinking it as vaginal lubrication during sexual intercourse made me feel more pleasure and even my boyfriend said my vagina became tighter! I really enjoy being a woman, I appreciate it for helping tighten my vagina, greatly increase my vaginal lubrication and I can achieve orgasm more easily! From now on, I drink it every day to tighten my vagina and improve my relationship! It helps overcome female problems in me such as leukorrhea and bad odor of lower body besides improving female hormones. At one time, my menstrual blood flow was extremely light but now it goes back to normal.



I faced the problems of severe high blood pressure and heart failure for many years. I went to the hospital for medical examination and the report had shown that my diabetic level was at a critical level of 12~16 and my heart beat rate was only 58bpm. Taking medicines to control my illnesses in long-term had caused my body feeling tired easily and my complexion looking dull. After drinking a box of V-II, I went back to the same hospital for medical examination. It was unbelievable for the doctor because the report had shown that my diabetic level which had not dropped since twenty years ago, had suddenly dropped to 4.7, and my heart beat rate had also increased to 65-70. Now, my body and mind are not feeling tired easily, and I have a fair, radiant, and smooth complexion. Thanks V-II! I will try my best to recommend it to my surrounding friends and hope that everybody can be healthy.



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