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The modern man is threatened by deteriorating environment—polluted air and depleted water source, pesticides and chemicals—and added to that are a life in the fast lane, stress, entertainment, late nights, computers and mobile phones which damage the liver and the male prostate gland.

But a man has to do whatever he can to support his family and carve a desirable career.

With this sort of ravages day-in-day-out, even Superman will fall, let alone men.

With increasing age, the prostate gland will naturally age and give rise to problems, just like the hair turning grey and the face mapped with more wrinkles over time. People need to learn to get accustomed to these problems gradually, living in peace with diseases that accompany old age.


World Health Organisation Logo

World Health Organization

According to WHO surveys, there are 152,990,000 men in the world having prostate problems and erectile dysfunction. According to a report by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, 69% of Malaysian men above 30 suffer from decline in sexual prowess, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. What is more alarming is the fact that the problem is catching up with younger generations.

Among men above 35,

1 out of 2 has this problem.

Among men above 80,

8 out of 10 have it.

Their marital intimacy is thus greatly compromised.


A report from COSMO, a Malay newspaper


A report from Kwong Wah Yit Poh

Common Early Symptoms of Prostatitis:

1. Polyuria

Regardless of the time of the day, prostatitis patients suffer from polyuria—more than 3-4 times of urination during daytime—a condition characterised by shorter and shorter voiding interval and urgency.

2. Poor Urination

Prostatitis patients have to wait for urine to come slowly. The stream is thin, the voiding is weak, and the range is short. Dripping is common. These early symptoms of prostate hyperplasia need to be attended to.

3. Nocturnal Incontinence

Involuntary urination may occur during sleep and in serious cases, incontinence may even occur during daytime.

4. Interrupted Urination

One of the early symptoms of prostatitis is the formation of urinary bladder stones which interrupt urination. It is a strong warning signal of prostatitis for the elderly, and medical intervention is essential.

5. Decline in sexual prowess

This problem, besides affecting the quality and quantity of married life, may lead to impotence and premature ejaculation in serious cases.

Hazards of Prostatitis:

Prostatitis frequently gives rise to neurasthenia, long term anxiety, depression and the fear of decline in sexual function which in turn induces inferiority complex and humiliation. With the tremendous mount of stress and sexual dysfunction, prostatitis patients are more susceptible to compromised function of organ systems. End result—affectation of work functions and impotence.

1 Sexual dysfunction deteriorating to impotence and premature ejaculation

When this long term problem is not given medical treatment, various symptoms and discomforts arise from sexual intercourses and might have a direct impact on the patient’s sexual life, forming a vicious cycle that erupts into aversion towards sex, impotence, premature ejaculation etc.

2 Agony affecting life and work

Prostatitis tends to cause a series of symptoms such as pain in the lumbosacral area, perineum and testicles as well as incomplete voiding and nocturnal enuresis etc, making the patient extremely anxious, thereby affecting his life and work.

3 Influence on procreation

Chronic prostatitis will induce changes in prostate secretion and hence semen liquefaction time, causing a decline in sperm vitality and even male infertility.

4 Leading to chronic nephritis and eventually uraemia

If not treated in time, prostatitis may lead to prostate hyperplasia that presses on the bladder outlet and causes incomplete voiding and residual urine, the latter of which is an excellent bed for bacterial growth. Added to that is the impairment of defence mechanism of the bladder mucosa, which will easily lead to urinary tract infection such as pyelonephritis etc. If medical treatment is not complete during this time, pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis etc will eventually develop into full-blown nephritis and uraemia.

5 Causing hormonal imbalance and mental disorders

Under normal circumstances, the prostate gland secretes various bioactive substances. But in prostatitis, the hormonal system is deranged and may lead to neurasthenia and even mental disorders, which may be accompanied by insomnia, dreaminess, fatigue, dizziness, mental retardation, memory loss and other cognitive problems.

6 Infecting the spouse and inducing gynaecological inflammation

Prostatitis can be passed on to the wife via sexual intercourse, especially prostatitis that is caused by some special bacterial infection such as fungal prostatitis, trichomonas prostatitis, gonorrhea prostatitis, non-gonococcal (Chlamydia, Mycoplasma) prostatitis etc.

7 Susceptibility to tumour

According to some 1985 data from America, viruses are a potential trigger of oncogenes. A retrospective American study discovers that there is a statistical link between the incidence of prostate and gonorrhoea, and researchers put forward the theory that sexually transmitted diseases by viral infection and chronic infections are the main cause of prostate cancer. Latest studies indicate that there exists an anticancer agent in normal prostate secretion that exerts a vital inhibitive effect on tumour. This anticancer agent is very much reduced in the prostate secretion of prostatitis patients, making them susceptible to prostate tumour.

8 Susceptibility to infections

Within prostate secretion is an anti-microbial substance called prostate anti-microbial factor or PAF. In prostatitis, the decline in PAF makes the patients more susceptible to infections. Infections as a result of prostatitis can lead to acute urinary retention, acute seminal or epididymitis, vas deferens inflammation, spermatic cord lymph node enlargement or tenderness etc, and in serious cases, excruciating groin pain or renal colic may occur.

R&D Unit & Studies

A German R&D unit has conducted various studies and proven that the combination of more than 15 trace elements such as flavonoids, glycosylated flavonoids, straight-chain organic acids, steroids, androgen etc can effectively promote cardiovascular function and strengthen the heart without creating any extra burden on the heart, nervous or muscular system. These trace elements can replenish energy and stamina speedily, definitely the best nutitional supplement for sports enthusiasts.

Medical studies have proven that high levels of flavonoid and glycosylated flavonoid can promote blood circulation to the penis, stimulate cavernosum smooth muscle cells to activate cyclic guanosine monophosphate CGMP, produce relaxation and increase blood flow. All these effects enhance penis function and sensitivity, thereby improving health and married life. There are also various reports to show that AK-II is extremely safe for men and devoid of side effects.


Sino-German Collaboration Technology

Complex Formula for Redoubled Efficacy


AK-II production is based on the latest German extraction technology and a unique complex formula that ferments 3 key natural ingredients–Silymarin, Cynomorium and red Kudzu—to give it redoubled efficacy, easier absorption by the body as well as all the unique effects.

AK-II is made purely with natural herbal extracts, making it a hot selling item in Europe, the choicest product for successful men!

Sublingual absorption.

Without you knowing it, 100 types of nutrient will be absorbed sublingually. You can see immediate effects after consuming 2-5 packets. A plenitude of testimonials testifies that they feel healthier than when they were younger after taking AK-II. More than 95% of users exhibit customer loyalty through repeated purchase.

This potentially hottest selling godsend for men in South-east Asia is going to be your best choice!

Major Effects:

1 Protect the liver

2 Replenish energy/ relieve fatigue

3 Nourish the skin/ balance the endocrine system

4 Insomnia/ improve quality of sleep

5 Lower blood sugar level/ blood pressure/ cholesterol

6 Improve menstrual pain/ vaginal discharge/ cold spells

7 Boost male sex function

8 Enhance strength and stamina

9 Retard aging

10 Improve nocturnal enuresis

11 Weak urine flow/ piles

12 / interrupted urine flow

Main Ingredients


Milk Thistle

  • Protect the liver
  • Prevent various types of hepatitis
  • Stimulate stem cell regeneration
  • Help the liver detoxify
  • Prevent bile stone formation


  • Improve blood circulation
  • Relieve oedema
  • Cleanse the blood and detoxify
  • Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory
  • Diuretic, hypotensive


  • Lubricate the bowel for better motions
  • Prevent cancer of the large intestine
  • Boost immunity
  • Promote growth
  • Promote gastrointestinal health

Cynomonium Songaricum

  • Alleviate menstrual pain, improve infertility
  • Improve nocturnal enuresis, polyuria
  • Premature ejaculation, sterility
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Lower blood sugar level, asthma


  • Retard skin aging
  • Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-tumour, anti-cancer
  • Prevent stroke
  • Boost immune function

Butea Superba

  • Promote blood circulation
  • Prevent memory loss
  • Enhance sexual prowess and sensitivity
  • Replenish energy, retard aging
  • Enhance sexual function, the ability of the skin to lock up moisture

Healing Crisis

Below is a table of physiological reactions after taking AK-II and the ways to tackle them:

1 Mild healing crisis~

Drowsiness, lethargy, stiff neck and shoulder, diarrhoea (loose stool a few times a time, with no abdominal pain in the case of healing crisis), slight itchiness, farting etc.

2 Severe healing crisis~

Headache, dizziness, fever, abscess, eczema, joint pain, elevated blood glucose level, raised blood pressure, shortness of breath, vomiting, poor appetite etc.


These are not side effects. They constitute healing crisis, the phenomenon of the body getting worse before it gets better after consuming AK-II.

Different health problems arise due to different constitutions:

1. Acidic Body ~ Dry mouth, lethargy, limp powerless body, frequent urination, farting more.

2. High uric acid level ~ Whole body ache or even oedema. Intermittent AK-II consumption is recommended depending on the severity of the symptoms.

3. Skin allergy ~ Itchy skin initially followed by gradual abatement. Intermittent AK-II consumption is recommended in this case.

4. Nervous disorders ~ Hyperactivity of the autonomic nervous system leading to insomnia. Refrain from taking AK-II at night.

5. Hypertension ~ Confusion, stiff neck and shoulder for about a week.

6 Anemia ~ slight headache and dizzy spells (during menstruation among women).

7 Weak Stomach ~ Tightness in the chest, a burning sensation in the stomach, poor appetite, nausea.

8 Weak intestine ~ Diarrhoea or black stool, depending on constitution.

9 Weak liver ~ nausea, red eye with photophobia, itchy skin or rashes. Should drink more water.

10 Liver cirrhosis ~ occasional bloody stool. Refrain from fried and oily food.

11 Kidney Problem ~ possible urinary protein, oedema in the face or feet.

12 Diabetes ~ unstable blood glucose level (sometimes high, sometimes low), with occasional oedema in the feet.

13 Acne ~ slightly more eruptions initially (due to detoxification), to fade away fairly soon.

14 Piles ~ occasional bloody or bloodshot stool.

15 Bronchitis ~ dry mouth, coughing and shortness of breath, vomiting, dizziness, depending on constitution.

16 Weak lung ~ Increased coughing with thick yellow phlegm.

17 Sinusitis ~ Nasal congestion with thicker mucus.

18 Rheumatism ~ Slight pain in affected areas, disappearing in a few days.

FAQ about AK-II

1Is AK-II a natural food?

AK-II is a natural health food, made of natural herbs that nourish liver cells, promote cell regeneration and metabolism, improve energy as well as relieve fatigue.

2What is AK-II’s safety profile towards the body?

It is very safe to consume AK-II because it is made purely of natural herbal extracts. It is a type of food, not a drug.

3What are the benign actions of AK-II?

AK-II promotes cell regeneration, blood circulation and improves prostate problems in men to make the body stronger, more energized, full of vitality and stamina. It is especially suitable for sports enthusiasts and men who desire effective sexual performance.

4Who is not suitable to consume AK-II?

AK-II exhibits excellent safety profile, but to be extremely cautious, we would advise children, dialysis patients and pregnant mothers not to take it.

5How long can I see the effects after taking AK-II?

Normal people can see excellent effects 2-5 days after taking AK-II in terms of strength, energy, stamina and married life.

6Can AK-II be taken long-term?

Yes, because AK-II is a type of food and not a drug. Long-term consumption can activate your liver cells. You will feel energized and do not tire easily.

7Does AK-II lead to dependence?


8Can I drink AK-II together with other beverages?

Yes, of course.

9How do I consume AK-II?

Take 1 packet a day on empty stomach. Drink more water to get better effects.

10Can women take AK-II?

Yes. AK-II provides comprehensive nutrients for the liver. It activates liver cells and relieves fatigue.

11Can I consume alcohol when I take AK-II?

You should take AK-II at least 2 hours after alcohol consumption.

12Why does AK-II cause backache or even dizziness?

AK-II is complete nourishment for liver cells. It is a quick and effective enhancer of metabolism, blood circulation and detoxification so that the body can obtain adequate nutrients and energy. In most people, this process tends to induce healing crisis such as backache, headache and dizzy spells. But healing crisis—the phenomenon of the body getting worse before it gets better—is only temporary and usually vanishes in a week. It is nothing to worry about and you should continue taking AK-II.

13Can diabetics drink AK-II?

Yes. AK-II contains oligosaccharides which are not easily absorbed by the body. It can effectively improve gastrointestinal health and prevent cancer of the large intestine.

14Why are AK-II effects so fast?

AK-II is made with German technology. It is absorbed sublingually and speedily by the body, and is hence unharmed by stomach acid. Easy to carry around, you can take it anytime and anywhere to replenish energy.

Do I really need it?

Examine yourself. Are you facing the following situations?

Over 30 years old

Urine flow thinning

Slow urination

Interrupted urine flow

Incomplete voiding, giving the feeling of residual urine

Polyuria (though not drinking too much water)

Nocturnal enuresis

Blood in urine



Premature ejaculation

Weak kidney

Reduced libido


Weak bones and tendons

Weak waist and knees

If you have faced or are facing some of the problems mentioned above, your prostate gland might be having a serious problem! Hence AK-II can play a vital role in our lives.

Product Assurance


True Stories

Mr Lim: 53 years old

I had suffered diabetes for a long time. Lately my condition had worsened and my feet turned black, so I needed injections to suppress my condition.

At the same time, I had prostate problems that gave me weak urine flow and erectile dysfunction.

After taking AK-II for a week, I went back to the same hospital for medical examination. Amazed, the doctor asked me what I had been taking because my diabetes was completely under control. I did not need any injection or medication any more. My feet turned from black to normal colour. Furthermore, urination had become smooth and forceful again.

What’s more, I can now enjoy sex. I feel young and energetic!

Thank you, AK-II!

Madam Tan, 56, from southern Malaysia

For more than 10 years I had been suffering from a nervous disorder that robbed me of hand movement. It had affected my life so much that I could not even switch on the lights and fans or do housework. It was agonizing to ask my daughter to take off my bra everyday just for a shower. The excruciating pain defied words.

A friend recommended AK-II to me. After taking it for 2 days, my hands experienced excruciating pain that brought tears to my eyes. I wanted to stop but my friend kept encouraging me to continue, so I obliged. About a month later, I suddenly discovered that I could raise my arms and move them to my back! I could even put on the bra myself and switch on the lights. It made me so happy. Even more surprising, my long time diabetic conditions had improved. My blood glucose level dropped from 17 something to 6 something. Even the doctors could not believe it! They confirmed that I did not have to take anti-diabetics any more.

AK-II is so miraculous! Thank you, AK-II. Thank you, Albert.

Old man, 73

I had prostate problems, with polyuria at night and difficulty in urination.

After taking a box of AK-II, my problems were alleviated. Urine flow became smooth, and the frequency of nocturnal enuresis became less—reduced from the initial 4 times to 3 times, then 2 times. After a medical examination, the doctor said the tumor had shrunk.

And what a surprise to pick up that loving feeling that has been gone for more than 10 years.My wife and I are now enjoying a blissful sexual life.

Coffee shop proprietor, 38

Long working hours made me feel lethargic and completely spent.

When I first started on AK-II, I liked the taste—sweet and aromatic, like pineapple. On the second day, I felt energetic. My confidence boosted, I began to take 1 packet everyday. Now my constipation problem has improved, I can sleep much better and think crystal clear. I am like a tiger in bed.

I recommend AK-II to friends. All of them thank me profusely after taking it!

Gentlemen, you must try this miraculous AK-II.

Che Man, 50, from Kedah

He had type II diabetes. His family found that he suffered from diabetes at the age of 5, so he began to take medication at a very young age. It was so bad that he had to be given insulin at middle age.

His serious condition gave rise to polyuria, which made him thirsty and lethargic. His health began to decline. He was always short of breath, and would pant heavily for just walking a few steps. He did not feel good.

With declining health, he found it difficult to have sex with his wife. Over time, he became impotent.

Though the wife would complain ocassionally, he could not do anything despite himself. “When I took 3 packets of AK-II consecutively, my conditions improved. I got stronger. When it came to the birds and the bees, I felt a surge of power in my groins, winning praises from my wife.”

Allan, 48

With my serious uric acid problem, I had to stop eating beans and seafood for many years. I had to take pain killers and get injections from doctors to control my condition. At the same time, I was afflicted by spirochaete, hypercholesterolaemia and severe migraine. Even the insurance company refused to take up my case.

“I saw a lot of specialists and took a lot of medications, but to no avail.”

When I first started on AK-II, I drank a small packet a day. My whole body ached until I cried, and I had to get injections at the hospital to kill the pain. After taking AK-II for 2 weeks, the pain vanished. When I went to the same hospital for whole body checkup, the medical report really shocked my doctor and the insurance company because all my problems—spirochaete, cholesterol, migraine—had disappeared! In the end the isnurance company accepted me. And it gratifies my wife too, because I am now 15 years younger in my sex life, giving us a sense of our ‘wedding night’again.

Mr. Soon, 58

I had to take western medication to control my way-high hypertension, which had been pestering me for 13 years. Twice my family had to sent me to hospital at night for emergency treatment. Meanwhile, the occurrence of serious prostate caused weak urination, nocturnal enuresis and loss of sexual function which western medication did not help. After consuming AK-II for a week, my urination turned smooth and forceful, and my nocturnal enuresis improved. I slept well and my blood pressure normalized. What makes me happier is the fact that my long lost loving feeling has returned. Thank you, AK-II.

Sales manager

My husband is a sales manager. There is a lot of stress and entertainment. When he came home, he used to throw himself on the bed immediately, yet he could not sleep well. His health went south. He would make love to me hastily and would sleep like a log after sex.

So I bought him 3 boxes of AK-II. After taking it, he became more energetic, did not tire easily and got rid of the bad habit of going to bed immediately after work.

When he came home that day, he suddenly hugged me and inserted his hand into my pants, making me horny. Despite myself, I grabbed his ‘little brother’ and found it to be huge and rock hard.

He laid me on the bed and entered me forcefully. He was so hard and pumping so furiously that I felt as if every part of my body was filled up. A moment later I could feel his warm spurt and my mind went blank, completely immersed in cloud nine. My ‘little sister’ shrank and pulsated, sending him into a wave of ecstasy!

Long term diabetic, 68, now a serious case

The fingers on Raul’s left hand turned gangrenous because of diabetes, and the doctor said he had to amputate the left palm to save her life, otherwise the grangrene would spread to the whole body. Raul was perturbed and at her wits end.

Luckily my son-in-law recommended AK-II to her a month ago. At the beginning she dared not drink too much, so she only consumed half a packet a day. After taking 2 packets in 4 days, the gangrene gradually subsided and her palm regained the usual colour. So she continued drinking AK-II. A week later, the wounds on her hand were completely healed and the gangrene disappeared altogether. Even the doctor was amazed by her miraculous recovery, and told her the amputation would not be necessary any more. She was so happy.

Mr. Gan, 63

At 63, Mr. Gan was deeply troubled by weak urination and nocturnal enuresis. But since his friend recommended AK-II, he has become energetic and sleeps soundly through the night.

After finishing 1 box of AK-II, he feels 20 years younger in his married life. His heart is now as strong as during his younger days.

Mr. Chong, 63, comes from East Malaysia

He also suffers from prostate enlargement, experiencing interrupted urination and weak urine flow. After taking 1 box of AK-II, he felt entirely different. His blood circulation has improved, he is now more energetic and urination is a difficult problem no more. More importantly, he can enjoy a happy married life with his wife again.

Melaka denizen, 50+

I had been plagued with serious prostate problems for many years. It was so serious that I suffered from frequent nocturnal enuresis that made me extremely tired.

Having consumed AK-II for 2 days, I felt soreness all over the body, exhausted and drowsy.

However, after I continued with it for about a week, the soreness was gone and I was completely energized. Both the tiredness and nocturnal enuresis were gone.

What pleases me more is that my sexual prowess is now as strong as that of a young man.

My deepest appreciation to you, AK-II.


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