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Champion Club International Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian registered company was incorporated on April 1, 2009. The core modus operandi is to undertake online businesses and trading activities. The principle is that the Founder of Champion Club International Dato’ Dr Alex Lu, a prolific visionary leader and an inspiring personality with distinctive educational credentials strongly propagate that with the advent of technology the online business is a golden opportunity is not to be missed whereby the power of e-commerce is essentially to develop more e-entrepreneurs among the population predominantly in the Asia Pacific region.Champion Club International maybe new in the market, however, the Founder has strong financial and business acumen based on his vast background in the corporate sector and principally he is an esteemed personality in the loyalty industry having served Visa International as the Senior Vice President Asia Pacific. His philosophy is to create milestones and benchmarks in all the business activities that he undertakes with the view to further enhance the business growth.

Thus based on the philosophy of the Founder the products that Champion Club International offers to the market has been carefully researched and selected while at the same time subjected to stringent tests by the respective government authorities and laboratories both in Malaysia and abroad in order to ascertain that the range of products are safe for consumers consumption and does not contain any drugs or chemicals. In this context, and thinking outside of the box with the objective to create consumer confidence the company takes a great stride in taking product liability insurance coverage to demonstrate the confidence in the products thereby alienating any unnecessary worries by the consumer to consume the said products. In so doing the contention is to assist the e-entrepreneurs in identifying, developing and expanding their target markets while at the same time to build consumer’s confidence and brand loyalty to Champion Club International.

Thus the tagline for Champion Club International is “Champion of the Champions” which essentially is the essence of the management of the company and the product range in providing the difference to the market.

CCI Concept

Champion Club International CCI Concept

  • Contribute in construction effort of the state and society
  • All policies are in the interests of customers and the business partner’s mind
  • Use of transparent, fair and reasonable, systematic mode of operation
  • Continuous improvement is our growth targets
  • Insisting “win-win strategy” approach


Entrepreneur System

Chief Executive of the Declaration

Internet has changed people’s habits, communication, trade and consumption.Through the Internet, we can be anywhere at no frontier, no borders interconnected virtual world, far and wide to browse, exchange, dissemination and search for information.This trend has been gradually changing the traditional way to trade. Today,We can through the computer, you can comfortably carry out at home or in the office commerce transactions, negotiated exchanges.This change gives rise to a new e-commerce trading platform.

Our Vision

Promise of the Internet to create a borderless mutually beneficial business opportunities spread the love of culture, regardless of race, regardless of religion to build a world-class e-marketing business, efforts to enhance awareness of community health awareness, financial freedom and contacts contact. We develop high quality and revolutionary products to create excellent opportunities.Led the world into the full fast, world-class communications platform far-reaching and create a healthier, more abundant enough life.We want to build is a shiny stage, so that those who have a global vision, ambition, ambitious ordinary people seeking to showcase their talent and accomplishments.

Our Mission

  • Build an international network marketing business platform
  • Leading to high-quality lifestyle
  • Cohesion world team strength for successful career
  • Implementing health management philosophy, health for all
  • Create professional marketing talent with attractive skills

Champion Club International Office


Champion Club International Office


Champion Club International Office

Stop hesitating, become part of us, entrepreneur is no longer a distant dream!


Our Advisor




A praific visionary leader Dato’ Mohd Firdaus Abdullah has a distinctive educational credentials whereby it is an amalgamation of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor in Business Administration from the United Kingdom. Being young and not daunted to excel on his own had propelled him into the business realm naturally aid in a span of 20 years he had achieved great success.

An inspiring personalty Dato Mohd Firdaus lithe year 2002 invited a group of social campaigners to form a relevant consumer protection association that can truly represent the interests of the consumers! Due to his persistent and tireless efforts as the elected President of the consumer association that started as Persatuan Pelindung Pengguna Pahang was later transformed to be Persatuan Perlindungan Pengguna Malaysia or PPPM whereby membership was open to all Malaysians and currently PPPM is well represented in all the states of Malaysia. PPPM is a registered entity with the Registrar of Societies and the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Message from the President, Dato’ Dr Alex Lu:

Champion Club International business founded in 2009, is Malaysia’s first e-platform application start-up companies, has entered a very stable growth, namely to maintain 25% growth rate per month. Champion the cause of global outstanding performance, repeatedly broke the national record of agents and e platform, has been regarded as a successful model agency industry and e-platform, I take this opportunity to thank all across the company management, agency organization within the network, the agent within the platform e and general support for the long-term customer loyalty.

Championship win global business using e proxy system is unique to the market, the only way to make one hundred per cent of all e agents, distributors earn a reasonable monthly income. In these seven years, the champion of global business has proved successful creation of countless high-income e agents and distributors.

E-platform Group is already a major trend of the times, its charm and potential of large, I can not resist you got. Especially in today’s economic situation, soaring up in the wave of everyone finding ways to cut costs, the winner is the source of a great global career choice.

Champion Club International business will introduce more good products in the coming days, so that more people can derive better health and improve quality of life.

E-platform would like you beloved platform agents, distributors and the company can move towards a better future!

“Based in Malaysia, keep eyes on the world”

We Are The Champion Of The Champion …..!

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Champion Club International


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Privacy Policy

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